Our family has been carrying on the farming tradition with great enthusiasm for at least four generations. The activity was begun in the 1930s by our grandfather Giuseppe Amati, an engineer who was passionate about farming, and when it passed into the hands of  our father, Pietro Troletti, things were extended and diversified thanks to help from Carlo, his son-in-law.

Now we started a new chapter in the family tradition, together with our children Giulia and Federico, giving the opportunity to enjoy agricultural tourism and to try our products directly.

It is real pleasure to welcome You and to make You feel like home!

Manuela e Franca Troletti


The farm itself extends on an area of about 70 hectares scattared around Budrio and it is cultivated with orchards (apricots, pears, peaches and plumps), cereals and sugar-beets.


Thanks to contributions from the European Union the Podere Amati Agriturismo opened in 2019. It centres around the careful restoration of an ancient cow byre which has ensured preservation of the building while at the same time offering an experience of rural living with top quality standards of comfort.


Our fruit tree orchard is in the Vigorso locality and for the last seasons there has been a stand in the field selling fruit and, since 2018, some market garden products as well. In this way our clients are assured an extremely fresh 0 km product which respects seasonal production and avoids the middleman. The stand is open between July and October.